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# Corpws Lleferydd Paldaruo | Paldaruo Speech Corpus
Corpws lleferydd Cymraeg a gasglwyd trwy ddulliau torfoli yr ap Paldaruo
(cod yr ap :
*A Welsh language speech corpus crowdsourced via the Paldaruo app*
*(app source code :*
## Fersiwn 2 | Version 2
Cyhoeddwyd | *Published* : 15/07/2016
Ffurf Sain | *Audio Format* : audio/wav, 48kHz
Amser Sain | *Audio Duration* : 34 awr/hours
Nifer o ffeil | *Number of Files* : 11,556
Nifer Cyfranwyr | *Number of Contributors* : 487
## Trwydded | License
Cydnabyddiath | *Attribution* : Cooper, S., Chan, D., Jones, D. B. (2016) The Paldaruo Speech Corpus, version 2 []
[![License: CC BY 4.0](](
## Sut i llwytho'r corpws i lawr | How to download the corpus
Bydd rhaid i chi defnyddio git lfs (
*You will have to use git lfs (*
Defnydiwch y gorchymyn canlynol :
*Use the following command :*
`git lfs clone --branch v2.0 --depth 1`
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